Peak Design’s New Everyday Line V2 Bags

  By Ryley Smith


You should have the perfect camera bag, every day. New, improved, stylish and perfect for each, and every day, Peak Design’s new Everyday Line V2 Bags

Peak Design has a new line of Everyday Bags, redesigned to be better than before! From backpacks to totes, slings and everything in between, these stylish and practical bags are perfect for your daily life and camera needs. Here is a list of their best new features, which make them so awesome!

Everyday Backpack: Versatile. 

This backpack is the largest of the line with a 20L and 30L. These bags can also get bigger! The 20L can expand an additional 3L and, the 30L can expand 8L. Overall there are lots of aesthetic improvements such as cleaner seams, more internal pockets, new UltraZip external zippers, more tiedown straps and revamped shoulder straps. It is also has a more ergonomic and sleek design, with an adjustable height laptop sleeve so you can fit either your tablet or 15″ laptop! The outer fabric is 100% recycled and Bluesign certified in all colours except black. 

Click here to get the 20L Everyday Backpack, and click here to get the 30L Everyday Backpack!

Everyday Backpack Zip: Versatility, simplified. 

This backpack is practically identical to the Everyday Backpack above, only smaller. This makes it perfect for those who want the practicality of the Everyday Backpack but don’t need a huge, bulky bag. This backpack comes in two sizes, 15L and 20L, has loads of pockets, weatherproof, and is super customizable. 

Click here to get the 15L Everyday Backpack Zip, and click here to get the 20L Everyday Backpack Zip!

Everyday Totepack: Sleek Hybrid. 

For a more simple, unique backpack, there is the Totepack. With dedicated backpack carry straps instead of a shoulder carry strap, it makes it an awesome size for people on-the-go. With dual side access and a roll top, it makes it easy to get into and allows an extra 5L of space! Say hello to your 15″ laptop in this backpack too. It also has a dedicated tablet sleeve so you can take whatever tech you need. 

Click here to get the Everyday Totepack!

Everyday Messenger: A Classic Workhorse. 

Anesthetic redesign on a classic bag. This bag is now 24% lighter than the older versions, with an overhauled shoulder strap made for better comfort, more adjustability, while overall eliminating slippage. It also has more functional internal and external organization, pockets for all your needs, increased laptop space and an overall cleaner design. 

Click here to get the Everyday Messenger!

Everyday Sling: A Sling For Everyone.

With the largest assortment of sizes, the Everyday Sling comes in a 3L, 6L and 10L, for all kinds of everyday camera needs. Starting with the 3L, this minimalist 1-camera bag is perfect for a single body, lens and a few accessories. For easy mobility and travel, this sling can transition to a hip bag. The middle size is the 6L. This bag size is perfect for a small mirrorless, DSLR, or drone kit. It is also has a dedicated tablet sleeve, can be used as a hip bag similarly to the 3L, making it even more versatile. Last, but certainly not least, the biggest of these three Slings, the 10L. Not only does it have a 13″ laptop sleeve, but it can fit a mirrorless and 3-4 lenses, on top of all your personals. It also is the only sling with a strap for roller bag luggage carry, making excellent for both everyday work and travel. 

Click here for the 3L Everyday Sling, here for the 6L Everyday Sling and over here for the 10L Everyday Sling!

Everyday Tote: Classically Styled, Feature Rich.

Based on feedback from thousands of users, the Everyday Tote got a massive overhaul. With loads of aesthetic and functional upgrades, this bag has a new shape, smaller size and more features than before. It is a 15L bag with a classy, low profile. A new, removable padded strap makes it easy to transition from handheld to crossbody. There is also a designated tablet sleeve as well as a padded sleeve for up to a 13″ laptop. With loads of versatile pockets, luggage pass-through capabilities, this bag easily transitions from a beautiful tote to a functional camera bag. 

Click here to get the Everyday Tote!


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