Panasonic Announces ZS80 and FZ1000 Mark II

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Panasonic has announced two new cameras in their compact lineup: the ZS80 (update to the Panasonic ZS70) and the FZ1000 Mark II (update to the FZ1000).

The ZS80 is the update to the superzoom compact lineup from Panasonic, which offers a 30x optical zoom via a Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens in a small compact form factor. The ZS80 now incorporates a slightly larger and higher resolution live viewfinder (LVF), as well as a bigger RAW buffer, Bluetooth connectivity, and improved battery life. A new feature called Zoom Back has also been included, which allows you to zoom out in order to relocate your subject if you lose it while extremely zoomed in (similar to the Snapback Zoom feature on the Nikon P1000).

The FZ1000 II features a 1-inch CMOS sensor in a bridge camera form factor with a Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 16x optical zoom lens. The camera has an updated, higher-resolution and touch-capable rear LCD, as well as a greater magnification LVF (0.74x). Bluetooth connectivity and a large RAW buffer have been included on this as well. The camera offers two manual control rings and a more customizable FN button for greater control.

The ZS80 and FZ1000 II are expected to be available in April and May respectively.



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