Free Online Canon Creator Lab Workshop with Irene Rudnyk

 By Evelyn Drake


Join us on Wednesday, April 8th for an online Socality x Canon Creator Lab workshop with instruction from portrait photographer and YouTuber Irene Rudnyk (@irenerudnykphoto) as she teaches the second of two online workshops around the subject of creating depth and feeling in your photography (Session I) and editing (Session II).

Link to Register. 

This second session will cover themes including:

  • Creating a Medium Format crop effect

  • Tools for modifying and enhancing your background blur in post-production

  • Editing your subject and background to increase the depth

  • Tips and tricks for using Dodge and Burn

  • Q&A

This workshop will include a combination of teaching from Irene and the Q&A portion.

About Irene:

Irene is a portraiture photographer inspired by feminine beauty. She works to capture the woman in front of her camera in a more creative, romantic manner, putting a lot of thought into the environment and details of the photo to create a visually pleasing and feminine version of the finished product. Irene enjoys helping other photographers with tutorials, behind the scenes, and DIY videos.

To see more of Irene’s work, you can find her on 500px, Instagram, and Youtube.

Link to Register. 

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Calgary Film and Analog Printing Services

 By John Veldhoen


If you are looking for local film development or analog printing services, I recommend Calgary based Carla Fedje Studio. Carla has recently come into possession of a fine Zone IV enlarger and some exquisite lenses that can make prints from negatives up to 4×5 inches. She has built a darkroom with a Skil saw, a power drill, and sheer will.

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Interview with Nikon Shooter Jay Gough on Bird Photography

 By Ryley Smith


Spring is finally gracing us with its warmth and fresh air, which opens up more opportunities to photograph outside. Bird Photography is one of the easiest ways to embrace the beautiful weather while still social distancing. I had an e-interview with Nikon rep Jay Gough on how to capture Canadian birds in our own backyards, and let’s just say, you’ll be inspired to shoot by the time you’re done reading! 

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Interview with Calgary Photographer Erik McRitchie on his “Porch Portraits” Project

 By Ryley Smith


Calgary photographer Erik McRitchie was recently featured on CTV News for his ongoing photo project, “Porch Portraits”. In these times of social distancing, McRitchie is hoping to bring us all a little closer together and document the changes and effects of the global pandemic. He graciously took some time out of his schedule to answer our questions about the project, the effect is has been having on people, and how he goes about getting his shots.

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Large Format 4×5 Photography

 By Todd Korol


I still shoot a lot of large film. Yes, it seems I’ve always taken the hard road. In these days of isolation, I had two friends recently reach out and wanted to know more information about taking photographs with a 4×5 camera.

So instead of writing each a note, and with more time on my hands than I’m used to, I started making a series of videos about taking photographs with a large format camera.

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