Fujifilm G-Mount Lens Roadmap

 By Ryley Smith


Plans are in the making. Good things are coming our way! Fujifilm has announced the latest developments for G-mount interchangeable lenses, compatible with the GFX system cameras. With two more lenses coming into the lineup, this will take the GF Family total up to 13 lenses!

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The Importance of Digital Asset Management

 By Todd Korol


Digital assets are the photographer’s most valuable resource. As your portfolio continues to grow, you need to be able to find, process, caption and store your images. This requires having a system in place to organize your digital files.

There is nothing worse for a photographer when they cannot find an image. Or when a simple hard drive goes down and thousands of images can be lost. This wastes your time trying to find images if you can and could cost the working photographer money.

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