Product Review: The Loupedeck

 By Danny Luong


The Loupedeck is a product that at first glance I did not want to like. It looks cheap and the price tag is higher than expected. And, to be honest, once I had the deck in my hands, I was still against the product. It feels cheap – plastick-y and like a toy. Cost cutting from every angle before a product gets to the consumer plagues camera accessories.

In a straight-up comparison at its $250+ price point, the Loupedeck loses in so many different ways. Compared to a mechanical keyboard at that price point, the deck has very little tactile feedback, and the keys feel like chicklets – something I experienced while editing; sometimes I was sure I pressed a key, but it still did nothing. Compared to an audio deck the knobs and dials feel awful. Made of cheap molded plastic there was nothing about the product that ever felt ‘premium.’

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Clubhouse Art Walk featuring Cochrane Camera Club

 By Kaitlyn Kerr

The town of Cochrane will be hosting a Clubhouse Art Walk from Saturday, November 10th, featuring artists of the Cochrane Camera Club. Fourteen photographers will be presenting a wide variety of works at the Historical Clubhouse Activity Centre.

The walk runs from 11am to 3pm.

The exhibition and sale will be held at the Cochrane Historical Clubhouse Activity Center. The Clubhouse is located just west of Cochrane, with lots of parking in the Ranche House parking lot. Proceed west of Cochrane on HWY 1A and just after the speed limit changes to 60, the parking lot is on the north side of the highway.

Click here for more information.

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Mind the Gap

 By John Veldhoen

A great photography teacher once told me that they viewed photography as essentially a mental-health exercise, perhaps akin to meditation.  Or, to put it like another photographer has famously said, “photography just gets us out of the house.” Yet, recently, I had a discussion with a street photographer who lamented how the discourse concerning photographs has made it seem more and more like photographs are viewed like illustrations to concepts. I had to agree. But why should photographs as illustrations of concepts be a problem after all? Should I judge the soundness of a body of work containing a 24-page bibliography, appended with 85 abject, muddy-looking plates? Why do I feel the need to judge?

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Beakerhead 2018 – Video Crew contest winner Saša Dugonjić

 By Kaitlyn Kerr

From sparks jumping between 32-foot Tesla Coils to a house covered in balloons and 12-foot flowers that pulse with your heartbeat, Beakerhead was full of a wonderful mix of installations where art meets engineering and science. This year, the event ran from September 19-23 and was attended by thousands and thousands of people. Beakerhead put together both a photo and video crew to capture all the great events and attendees.

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