Sony AX100 Hands-On Field Test

 By Jordan Drake

With Chris out of town, Jordan Drake steps up like an outnumbered Jim Kelly and takes a look at the Sony’s new consumer 4K camera, the AX100! Did Sony have to make too many compromises to make 4K quality available for this affordable?

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Tofino – Canada’s Wild West Coast Muse

 By Brad Wrobleski

At first, I didn’t believe that I could get the shot. I unscrewed myshort lens and put on the big one- quietly- as if the bear could hear
me. I zoomed-in and tried to find compositional balance in the chaos of
rocks, water, and old driftwood. I metered off the sand. I waited and
watched as he roamed left then right, then up and up, poking his nose
into my frame. Click!

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Looking at Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’

 By John Veldhoen

I am more willing to abstract from the photograph, attempting to write a phenomenological review of this seminal book that has, time and again, been referred to as the greatest photobook, and the standard by which all others might be judged.

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