DJI Phantom 2 Hands-On Field Test (With Vision+ and Go Pro)

 By Jordan Drake

The DJI Phantoms have made it possible for many untrained photographers and videographers to capture stunning aerial images. To see how easy it was to fly these little marvels, the TCSTV crew went out to shoot some footage. See how the new Phantom 2 drones and DJI gimbals perform and whether a Go-Pro or Vision+ camera is the right setup for you.

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At the Stampede with William Albert Allard

 By Evelyn Drake

William Albert Allard has been a major force at National Geographic and in mainstream photography for almost 50 years. Not only did we have the privilege of having one of the most highly acclaimed photographers in the world to lead this workshop, we also had the opportunity to work with Stampede directors to gain special access around the grounds. (Feature Photo By: Ross Dance)

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