Average Normal Photographer Review of the Ricoh Pentax 645Z

 By tcs_admin

By now, if you are at all interested in the potential benefits of larger sensor real-estate, you have likely read or skimmed a handful of reviews of the newish medium format Ricoh Pentax 645Z. Personally, I am not a gear-head, tech-nut or pixel-peeper. I’m just a hard working mixed-genre photographer.

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2014 Photography Essay Winner Chris Burkard

 By Evelyn Drake

“From mountains to the sea the Arctic provides a truly uniqueexperience for surfing. Icy roads lead the way to your surf hut and
snow-capped peaks are a stunning background to a surf session. Nightly
activities include defrosting in a Norwegian hot tub or staring in
amazement at nature’s light show, Aurora Borealis.”

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DJI Phantom 2 Hands-On Field Test (With Vision+ and Go Pro)

 By Jordan Drake

The DJI Phantoms have made it possible for many untrained photographers and videographers to capture stunning aerial images. To see how easy it was to fly these little marvels, the TCSTV crew went out to shoot some footage. See how the new Phantom 2 drones and DJI gimbals perform and whether a Go-Pro or Vision+ camera is the right setup for you.

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