Talk About Images

 By George Barr

Welcome to the first of what may turn out to be a series of briefarticles focusing on a single image I have made, and the lessons learned
from the making. If you find this useful or interesting, be sure to let
us know and we can prepare more articles.

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Photoshop Post Processing & Rupert Neve

 By David Mitchell

Who is Rupert Neve and what does he have to do with Photoshop?
Rupert Neve designed and built, arguably, the finest mixing consoles in the world for professional recording studios in the late 60’s and early 70’s. A mixing console is what is used to reduce all the individual tracks of a typical recording (24 or more) down to stereo (two tracks) for public consumption. Each individual track may contain a separate instrument or vocal. All of these tracks have been built up over time on a multi-track tape recorder, layer by layer, and must be reduced or mixed down to stereo. The mixing process is also a highly creative process as you can imagine.

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