Looking at Images #3

 By George Barr

It was early spring and I hadn’t been to Fish Creek Park in a long time. It was mid afternoon, the light fairly harsh, and I didn’t find anything to excite me ’til I made my way upstream and I was literally under McLeod Trail. In the shadows under the bridge and away from the heat of the sun were some ice formations, and one in particular stood out because it was lit from behind by a stray beam of sunlight sneaking under the bridge from the other side.

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Getting Started with the Canon Pixma Pro-1 Printer

 By Bill Peters

When I picked up my Pro-1 from The Camera Store it was almost a ceremony. I welcomed some help to slide the big box into the back of my SUV. While I managed to get the sixty pound printer into the house and installed by myself, I’m reasonably big and strong. Moving and placing the printer is chancy for one person but is a snap for two, so I recommend having someone along to lend a hand.

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