On “Why Photographs Work”

 By John Veldhoen

How something is asked varies wildly, and it isn’t very easy to define. Afew years ago an art theorist asked the question “What do Pictures
Want” in a famous essay. It yielded interesting results to ask a
question like that, which went against common sense, as pictures should
not desire anything on their own as inanimate objects, after all.

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My RODE Reel an international short film competition

 By Evelyn Drake

My RODE Reel an international short film competition. With more than $70,000 in prizes up for grabs there’s no excuse not to get out and start shooting! Watch the video above to learn more, and enter your email address below to be sent the competition pack and get started. Good luck!

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If your sound sucks, your video sucks!

 By Jordan Drake

If you are using the built-in microphone on your DSLR camera, your sound sucks! Find out what tools are available that will improve your sound quality and increase overall production value of your videos.

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