Nikon Z Series Firmware Update Has Arrived

  By Evelyn Drake

Nikon Canada is excited to announce the release of Version 2.0 for the Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 cameras.

The firmware update includes the following main features:

1) Eye detection AF for still image shooting in AF-S or AF-C. When multiple eyes are detected the user can switch eye the camera can focus, even with multiple human users in the shot. Eye detection AF is added by activating via function A4 once the firmware update is completed.

2) Extension of the low-light AF detection range. The Z 7 will extend the AF detection range from -1 EV down to – 2 EV; the Z6 will go from -2 EV to -3.5EV. In addition, the Z 6 can employee the low-light AF detection range will be extended from -4EV to -6EV.

3) Addition of auto-exposure (AE) tracking to continuous high-speed (extended) – previously AF was possible, but AE was not

4) Image Review – reduction of black out time when image review is activated

5) Electronic First Curtain Shutter – changed to “Shutter Type” – customers can now select from:
a. Mechanical shutter – faster operation, can be used with flash
b. Electronic Front Curtain Shutter – silent, no vibrations (but can cause “jello effect”) with fast shutter speeds, can’t be used with flash
c. Auto – camera uses Electronic Front Curtain Shutter at slower speeds, but will switch to Mechanical automatically as needed

Important note – customers will require an XQD reader to copy the .bin file to in order to complete the firmware update.

Firmware updates can be located for all cameras on the website here:


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