Nikon Announces Development of Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Nikon Canada has just confirmed that they are developing a new full-frame (FX format) mirrorless camera with a new mount, new lenses, and a lens adapter.

Though teased on rumour sites for several months, Nikon has now confirmed that they have a new camera in development. The camera will have a full-frame sensor and a new lens mount. Nikon has also confirmed they are developing new Nikkor lenses for this system that will “enable a new dimension in optical performance,” relying on over a century of experience crafting optics and photographic equipment. Additionally, they have confirmed that an adapter, compatible with a wide variety of existing Nikkor F-mount lenses, is also in development.

Two days ago, Nikon teased a new trailer, “Travel of Light” which gives a shadowy glimpse at the potential camera. Any other information, including specs, pricing, and release, will be revealed at a later date.

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