New in Rentals: Nikon 500mm F5.6 PF ED VR!

  By Kaitlyn Kerr


The Camera Store has added another lens to our rental pool: the Nikon 500mm F5.6 PF ED VR! This is a fantastic lens with fast autofocus and beautifully sharp images, and it’s amazingly small for a 500mm. This compact and lightweight design allows you to be more mobile when photographing sports, birds, or other wildlife, and can mean the difference between getting or missing the shot.

The 500mm F5.6 PF ED VR features an optical design that utilizes a Phase Fresnel (PF), as well as three aspherical elements. This design contributes to the compact size, while greatly reducing colour fringing and aberrations. It also features image stabilization rated up to 4 stops to increase your success rate while shooting handheld. The lens is also compatible with Nikon’s teleconverters for even more reach.

Plus, like all of our rental equipment, you can apply up to three days worth of rental fees towards the purchase of the lens. This means you can test it out in the real world before you commit to buying, or still be able to use it if we are temporarily waiting on stock to fulfill your order.

Click here to book or email rental@thecamerastore.comThis lens rents for $125/day + tax.

(Please note rental fees must be of the same item; i.e. you cannot put credits for a camera or a different lens towards the purchase of this lens. Lens rental is subject to a pre-authorized deposit. Please click here to view our full rental policy.)


Kaitlyn is a craft beer enthusiast and self-labelled film nerd. Suitably, she is one of the hosts of Calgary's Beers & Cameras meetup group. She also drinks too much coffee and wants to see too many places. When not helping coordinate events or exploring whatever city, town, or backroad she can, she also works as a freelance photographer and assistant.