My Rode Reel International Short Film Competition

  By Kelly Mandeville

The My Rode Reel – 2015 International Short Film Competition is now accepting entries from filmmakers with all levels of experience.

With over $200, 000 in prizes, and a panel of industry leading judges, the competition provides a great opportunity to showcase new filmmakers on a global scale.

To Enter

1. Create an original short film that is no longer than 3 minutes, and accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video showing how you made your film and showing a RODE product in use.

2. Both videos must start with an official My Rode Reel title card.

3. Upload your short film and behind-the-scenes video to Youtube and submit your entry before 12 noon (AEST) on June 1st, 2015.


The 4 Major Show Award categories include: Judges’ Film Award, People’s Choice Award, Judges’ Behind-the-Scenes, and the Young Filmmaker Award. In addition, there are genre awards that range from comedy and action through to non-English and documentary films. The technical categories acknowledge everything from best cinematography, sound design, and soundtrack to best acting, art direction, and location. 


The panel of judges for the 2015 competition includes:

  • Vincent LaForet
  • Rodney Charters
  • Philip Bloom
  • Ryan Connolly

My Rode Reel 2014

My Rode Reel – 2014 International Short Film Competition Winners

For complete contest rules & regulations, visit the My Rode Reel Page.

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