MogoPod – More Than a Monopod

  By Jordan Drake


I’m always looking for products that will allow me to travel lighter, setup faster, and have more creative options. Amongst the sea of new product releases in the last few months, the accessory that excited me most was the new MogoPod MK III from Carry Speed. While I will use a tripod when I need to, for long exposures, slider shots and time-lapse work, I’ve found myself relying more and more on a monopod for the rest of my shooting. The beauty of the Mogopod is that it can also function as a light tripod, and supported boom for cameras and mics.

The first smart feature of the Mogopod is the removable foot with a second 1/4” thread for mounting a camera. This is a great solution for mounting a small camera or GoPro without buying a dedicated pole. The method of extension is also much quicker than the multiple locks you usually find on any decent sized tripod. I haven’t used it yet, but I can see how the extra mount in the centre of the monopod could be a great option for adding an audio recorder or external monitor to help when using the Mogopod as a boom.

The flexibility of the Mogopod is hugely expanded with two simple add-ons. The TPD-2 tripod foot allows you to better support the Mogopod, great for longer shoots when you don’t want to support the camera. With a smaller point and shoot, mirrorless or GoPro long exposures are even possible. I do have to mention my disappointment that the base does no have locking pins, so while a clockwise pan is possible, a counter-clockwise pan will actually unscrew the Mogopod! I’d love to see a solution for this issue in the near future. If the Mogopod could consistently pan in either direction, it would replace my Manfrotto 561BHDV monopod, a $400 unit!

My favourite add-on to the MogoPod is the MCR-1 Crane Belt. This allows for a very comfortable boom mount on your body that will never slip, as the Mogopod is screwed directly into the belt. This function, combined with the Mogopod’s unique ability to extend the boom comfortably on the fly, make this a more comfortable option that could replace most boom poles, for less money. As a result of the Crane Belt, the Mogopod has quickly become our most popular boom pole.

Amongst all the great cameras and lenses we’ve already seen this year, the Mogopod is already one of my favourite products. If you get your hands on one, I’m sure you’ll come away as impressed as I was!