Long-awaited Update to Ricoh GR Series Announced

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Ricoh has announced that they have an update to the GR lineup under development. The new GR III will have a redesigned 18.3mm F2.8 lens, a new 24MP APS-C sensor with stabilization and on-sensor phase detection, and a new 3:2 aspect touch screen. Video specs have also been upgraded from 1080/30p to 1080/60p.

The GR series cameras are large-sensor compact cameras featuring an equivalent fixed 28mm lens, great for travel and street photographers alike. The GR III will be a long-awaited update, with perhaps the biggest change being the sensor. With an upgrade from 16MP to 24MP, it is also now stabilized to help compensate for camera shake. It also now has on-sensor phase detection. The lens has been redesigned to have six elements (two aspherical) in four groups, and with a minimum focus distance of 6cm (whereas previous models were 10cm).

The new camera is expected to be launched in early 2019.

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