Leica Announces Brand New S3 Medium Format, FOTOS app, L-mount Alliance

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Leica announced the brand new S3 at Photokina this week. The update to Leica’s medium format system features a brand new 64MP sensor, drastically improved over the 37.4MP sensor of the previous iteration, the Leica S (Typ 007). The camera will have a max ISO of 50,000, and will be weather sealed and enabled with wifi and GPS. Additionally, the camera will use the full sensor to record 4K cinema resolution with a characteristic medium format look.

Additional information will be available come Spring 2019.

Leica has also announced firmware updates for the SL system, Leica S (Typ 007), M10 and M10-P. The new firmware will provide a number of improvements and make cameras compatible with the new Leica FOTOS app, also announced. The new app will allow users to remotely use live view, as well as change settings and fire the camera wirelessly.

Finally, a new L-mount alliance has been announced between Leica, Sigma, and Panasonic. The existing L-mount used on Leica’s SL, CL, and TL series cameras will now be shared with Sigma and Panasonic, allowing users to interchange lenses and bodies manufactured by the three companies. Panasonic’s new development announcement of the S1 and S1R, along with three lenses, will use this L-mount.



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