Just Announced: Fujifilm X-Pro3 Rangefinder

  By Ryley Smith


If you have not heard the news yet, Fujifilm just announced in a livestream the development of the X-Pro3 Rangefinder at the Fujifilm X Summit in Tokyo, Japan, earlier today. Keeping the excitement rolling, Fujifilm teased lots of wicked new designs and features, including a strong but lightweight titanium body in three colours, a hidden LCD screen and a 10th film simulation. 

Going down the list of upgrades/features Fujifilm released on the X-Pro3, they started with their decision to go with titanium, unlike many other camera companies. Instead of compromising on quality with an easier metal to work with such as magnesium alloy or aluminum, they chose to take the time to use titanium and maximize durability and strength. As an added bonus, Fujifilm is making the X-Pro3 in three classy and trendy colours; Black, DURA Black and DURA Silver. 

They then went on to discuss the changes they made to the hybrid viewfinder. The major upgrade was the introduction of a brand new electronic viewfinder, or EVF, which will provide a higher resolution, higher contrast, improved brightness, a wider colour space and a higher frame rate. They also significantly reduced the distortion and increased the angle of view, thus increasing the amount of the frame you can see within the viewfinder. 

From there, Fujifilm dropped an unexpected design change, total repositioning of the rear LCD. With the intention of keeping photographers using the upgraded viewfinder, they made the back LCD more compact and then a hidden LCD on the back of a hinged panel.

For use, the user would pull down the screen to image review or use for waist level shooting. This does mean a smaller LCD with only basic settings on the back of the camera. However, this smaller LCD can show the film simulation you are using, a fun throw-back that will really resonate with some users. 

On that note, the last announcement Fujifilm made was the 10th film simulation called ‘Classic Negative’ which will resemble the look of Fujicolor Superia. 

Overall, this was quite the exciting announcement that no one expected to get this much juice from. The official announcement will be on October 23rd, with many events scheduled around the world, so we just have to wait a bit longer before we can really get to know all the details about the X-Pro3. 

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