Inspire Project YYC Created a Mini Heroes Portrait Series to Raise Funds

  By Evelyn Drake

INSPIRE PROJECT YYC is a not-for-profit foundation that seeks to increase awareness and raise funds for established charities in a creative and inspiring way. They believe in supporting organizations seeking to affect change in difficult areas.

“Hard topics don’t need to be delivered in a hard way”

– Leela Jacobs, Founder INSPIREproject YYC –

INSPIRE PROJECT YYC was started by a group of Calgarian creatives supporting the fight for social justice. By combining their skills and resources they hope to engage and encourage others to get more involved in their community.

The three main elements comprising INSPIRE PROJECT YYC:

A Foundation to raise money for established charities on a continuous basis over a 12 month term. This year the selected charities are Little Warriors and Dare to Care.

An Artistic Project that serves as a fun and creative way to inspire people and generate funds. The mini heroes portraits will materialize in art, a coffee table book and greeting cards.

An Event(s) to feature the artistic project and provide a platform to build awareness, spread information and create social interaction.

The INSPIRE PROJECT YYC team believes that making a change in one life can be a catalyst to change many lives. And maybe even the world.

Leela Jacobs – founder, artistic director, stylist, dreamer of big ideas

Kristy-Anne Swart – photographer, child whisperer

Janelle Nordin – costume designer, creative genius,

Alison Leontaridis – co-founder, event coordinator, sounding board for ideas,

Children are the focus for its inaugural season.

INSPIRE PROJECT: Mini Heroes is a portrait collection of historically influential people brought to life through little children. It intends to create hope and laughter and remind us that every inspiring person started out in this world as a child. To invest in our children is to invest in our future.


Little Warriors

A national, charitable organization based in Canada committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Little Warriors Provides:

-Information about the prevalence and frequency of child sexual abuse and healing and support resources

-Treatment through the Be Brave Ranch for children between 8 and 12 who have been sexually abused

-A workshop called Prevent It! that educates adults on how to take action to stop child sexual abuse

Dare to Care

A fully comprehensive approach to dealing with bullying and challenges within school communities.

This program involves students, teachers, parents and the community in an effort to eliminate bullying and other dangerous behaviours from their schools and, in turn, create an atmosphere of tolerance and respect.

The Dare to Care program helps school communities, from Kindergarten to Grade 9, create a common language which then allows for more consistent intervention and follow through when dealing with challenging issues.

Visit to check out their greeting cards, prints and the soon to be released photo book which can be purchased to help support the not-for-profit foundation.


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