INDIAN. RELAY. at the Central Library

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Steven Wolftail, subject of the exhibition by Jason Lawrence and Julie Vincent at the Central Library this summer.

Jason Lawrence and Julie Vincent will be exhibiting their show called INDIAN. RELAY. at the Central Library in June and July this year.

The exhibition follows one rider and his family as he competes in the relay across southern Alberta and to Walla Walla, Washington, for the first-ever international championships held in September 2018. The show will explore extreme sport in a traditional, Indigenous context, its history and origins, family, and family connections, and terminology – in particular, the term “Indian”, when, how and why that applies.

Opening night will be June 10th, from 6PM-8PM at the Central Library. The artists and the rider and his family, as well as representatives from the Canadian Indian Relay Racing Association will be in attendance. There will be a traditional prayer and greeting, plus short talks about the relay and project.

The exhibition will show in the gallery area on the main floor of the library in June, and on the fourth floor in July.


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