History Reinvented: The Leica Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH.

  By Ryley Smith


Leica is welcoming a new addition to the Leica M lens family, though you may already be familiar with it! The Leica Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH. is a reissue of the legendary original Noctilux lens that was such a landmark achievement for Leica in 1966 when it was first released. The legendary features of the Noctilux have been preserved while bringing the quality expected by modern-day lenses.

Produced from 1966 to 1975, the original Noctilux 50 f/1.2 was the world’s first lens to feature aspherical elements. Its legendary features include soft, dreamlike images with an unmistakable look with an exquisite bokeh. The new Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH. produces these same stunning images while delivering impeccably sharp images, in the most compact and lightweight Noctilux to date. 

The new Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH. pays homage to Leica’s optical history, where the original Noctilux 50 f/1.2 marked the start of the company’s transition from silver to black-anodized lenses. Celebrating this heritage, the new Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH. will be available in two variants: a black anodized serial production model and an exclusive special-edition silver chrome model.

The black anodized version of the new Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH. features an aluminum lens barrel, packaging inspired by the original Noctilux 50 f/1.2 box and is further complemented by the same lens container provided with the original Noctilux 50 f/1.2. The special-edition silver chrome variant will be exclusive to Leica Stores and is limited to 100 units worldwide. 

To purchase your very own Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH., click here! 


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