Hasselblad’s New Flagship Camera & Three New Lenses

  By Ryley Smith


Hasselblad has unveiled the groundbreaking and powerful X2D 100C, along with three new lenses to the XCD family, the XCD 38V 2.5, the XCD 55V 2.5 and the XCD 90V 2.5. Together, Hasselblads new camera and lenses provide the ultimate experience for content creators, giving you inspiration in every detail!

The Hasselblad X2D 100C establishes itself as Hasselblad’s flagship mirrorless medium format camera. With a 100-megapixel medium format back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor with a native ISO of 64, it captures vivid colour and detail with true-to-life highlights and shadows with natural transitions. Advanced image quality, focusing, stabilization, responsiveness, and storage, are built into its iconic Hasselblad design. The X2D 100C combines groundbreaking engineering with a craftsman’s touch.

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The Hasselblad XCD 38V 2.5 is a low-distortion wide-angle lens suitable for shooting landscape, street, or documentary photography. Equivalent to a full-frame 30mm focal length with a minimum focusing distance of 30cm, it is perfect for capturing cuisine, products, and other still subjects. With its compact optical design, small and lightweight focusing module, and optimized leaf shutter, the lens weighs only 350g but delivers top-class optical performance. The large f/2.5 aperture allows for highlighting the subject against the background, beautiful environmental details and a soft bokeh effect

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The Hasselblad XCD 55V 2.5 is a standard lens that produces a viewpoint similar to the human eye. With a full-frame 43mm focal length, this perspective, combined with the soft bokeh effect from the large f/2.5 aperture, makes this lens an outstanding option for full or half-length portraits and ideal for shooting daily, still life, or documentary photography. The narrow aperture and leaf shutter blades create Hasselblad’s hallmark eight-point starburst effect on bright light sources.

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The Hasselblad XCD 90V 2.5 is a moderate telephoto lens that is perfect for close-up portraits or still lifes. With a full-frame 71mm focal length coupled with a large f/2.5 aperture, the lens creates a beautiful soft bokeh effect that highlights the subject. Boasting Hasselblad’s hallmark eight-point starburst effect thanks to the optimized leaf shutter, the lens is compact, small and lightweight.

Click here for more information on the XCD 90V 2.5 and to preorder!

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