Hasselblad Heroines 2023

  By Ryley Smith


For the fifth consecutive year, Hasselblad Heroines has returned, only this time, Hasselblad wants you to nominate someone who has inspired you! Whether it be a stranger, a fellow artist, or yourself, Hasselblad wants to shine a spotlight on women who are making an impact in the world of photography. By showcasing their inspiring creations and sharing their experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs, Hasselblad Heroines will hopefully encourage the next generation of women to bring their creative vision to life!

The 2023 edition of the Hasselblad Heroines is open to the public to nominate women they believe deserve the highest recognition. Do you know a female photographer who captures the world in a unique way? Do you believe that person could be yourself? Fill out the Hasselblad Heroines nomination form! 

Nominations are open until mid-April, and selected photographers will be announced in June. Throughout the year, the official Hasselblad website and social platforms will showcase the works and stories of these Hasselblad Heroines.

For more info and to nominate yourself or a female photographer you think embodies the title of a Hasselblad Heroines, click here! 



Ryley graduated in 2018 from the U of C, with a bachelor in Sociology. With a strong love for writing, and having dabbled in photography, she wanted to take her curious mind and put it towards a more fun and creative future. In her spare time, Ryley finds herself camping, skiing, and fishing. She also loves craft beer and interesting food, ideally together.