Hasselblad H System CPO December Offer

  By Ryley Smith


Your dream of owning a Hasselblad just got easier! Hasselblad just released a limited number of H System CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) cameras, that during December 2019, are available at an even greater value than before.

Hasselblad’s list of H System CPO cameras, including the H5D-50c, H5D-200c MS, and H4D-200 MS, with discounts of up to 34%, an incredible value for the month of December.

They also added multiple X1D cameras to their list of available CPO products, giving you the perfect opportunity to invest in the beautiful X System.

All of these products are certified Pre-Owned products, which have been factory serviced and meet Hasselblad’s rigorous CPO guidelines. Additionally, all CPO products come with a 6-month factory warranty.

There is a limited CPO selection, all of which are first come, first serve. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, and join the esteemed Hasselblad family.

Click here for more information and the North American CPO Listings.
For inquires, contact sales.us@hasselblad.com or 800-456-0203 x. 320


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