Harness Your Business With Nicki Chang-Powless

  By Ryley Smith

One of the biggest pieces of advice people give you when it comes to your career is ‘
do what you love’. Lots of times, that is easier said than done. A photography career is no different. It comes with a lot of hard work, some major setbacks, and can overall feel very daunting jumping from personal leisure to full blown business. But fear not! Because in this tough world of Business Photography, there is none other than Nicki Chang-Powless to help you succeed! 

Nicki Chang-Powless originally went to university for petroleum engineering, only to find that working as one was not as fulfilling as she had hoped. She then directed herself to corporate sales, where for seven years she helped provide alternate business solutions to mainframes. After that Nicki spent time in marketing, software development and worked her way up the management chain, from project management, to personnel and operations, eventually making it to senior management.  

After 23 years in the corporate world, Nicki felt she needed another challenge; guiding people towards their business goals. Fuelled by the desire to help business owners thrive, Nicki has created NCP Consulting Services, providing quality expertise and advice to business owners of all backgrounds. Not only has she been named an Amazon Bestselling Author, she has won numerous awards including the 2018 New Business Venture Award for her work in helping start-up businesses. 

Alongside her passion for business and helping others, Nicki likes to spend her time with a camera in hand. As an avid photographer, it comes as no surprise that combined all her passions to create workshops and seminars dedicated to helping people in the photography business. Nicki has taken the time to readapt her lessons, creating methods designed to specifically help photographers reach their full business potential. 

Earlier in the spring, we at TCS partnered with Nicki to give a two hour seminar, where she dove into the mechanics that help photographers launch their careers in photography. With the most important lessons from her book Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business, and her personal experience with photography, Nicki’s seminar was a huge hit. So much so that we are hosting another! On October 22, 2019, Nicki will be hosting The Business of Photography: Your Survival Guide, a seminar you’re going to want to be apart of! 

For more information and to buy your ticket, please check out The Business of Photography: Your Survival Guide. 


Ryley graduated in 2018 from the U of C, with a bachelor in Sociology. With a strong love for writing, and having dabbled in photography, she wanted to take her curious mind and put it towards a more fun and creative future. In her spare time, Ryley finds herself camping, skiing, and fishing. She also loves craft beer and interesting food, ideally together.