Go The Distance With The New Nikkor Z 400mm f2.8 TC VR S 

  By Ryley Smith


Go the distance and shoot for greatness with Nikon’s latest S-Line Super-Telephoto Lens! Welcome the new pinnacle of performance for sports, action and wildlife shooters. The Nikkor Z 400mm f2.8 TC VR S lens! With breathtaking image quality and a built-in 1.4x teleconverter, the Nikkor Z 400mm f2.8 TC VR S expands the creative possibilities for professionals looking for uncompromised reach and incredible sharpness! 

The Nikkor Z 400mm f2.8 TC VR S boasts a myriad of new optical technologies that enhance the image quality and performance along with unprecedented rendering capabilities. Featuring a constant f/2.8 aperture that provides stellar low-light capabilities as well as beautiful bokeh and subject isolation from the background. For those looking for even more reach, the 400mm f2.8 TC VR S is the first Nikkor lens to utilize a built-in 1.4x teleconverter, increasing the focal length to 560mm. The teleconverter allows photographers to seamlessly adjust to their moving subject or to transition from environmental and close-up shots of nature without changing lenses or positions.

The Nikkor Z 400mm f2.8 TC VR S is the first Nikkor lens to employ Nikon’s newly developed optical technologies such as a Silky Swift Voice Coil Motor (SSVCM), enabling high-speed, high accuracy AF with near-silent operation. Engineered with superb balance, intuitive controls and weather sealing suitable for professional use, all while being the lightest lens of its type. This new S-Line lens also features Nikon’s new Meso Amorphous Coat, which offers the highest anti-reflection capabilities in Nikkor history.

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Nikon Z 400mm f2.8 TC VR S


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