Fujifilm X-T20 and X100F Hands-On First Look

  By Jordan Drake

It’s always exciting when we get an opportunity to get an early look at cameras for TCSTV, but especially so when the cameras in question are exciting additions to Fuji’s outstanding X-Series.  I recently commented on a TCSTV Live episode that I hoped Fuji would start bringing some of the technology from their excellent X-T2 and X-Pro 2 into some of their more compact models, and that’s exactly what we see with the release of the X-T20 and X100F. While the cameras we received were still unfinished, I had a great time shooting with both of them, and fully expect Fuji to have a couple more winners on their hands.

The X-T20 surprised me most with how few compromises have been made compared to the flagship X-T2. Image quality for stills and video is unchanged, and the smaller body feels great with Fuji’s small WR F2 prime lenses. While I only had a couple days to test the camera and could not schedule a proper shoot, I enjoyed simply using the X-T20 as my walk around family camera.

I have typically used the Fuji cameras strictly for photography, but with the X-T2 and now X-T20 offering dramatically improved video quality, I can also see using them for short videos as well. The Acros and Provia emulation are outstanding, and it’s great not to have to do any grading to get a nice filmic look for my videos. I would love to see Fuji launch more lenses with a mechanical focus-ring though, it would make video work much more enjoyable.

While Chris had the X100F for most of the testing period, I spent an afternoon with it and hugely enjoyed the new focus system, especially with the addition of a focus point selector. While I would stick to the EVF for any important or paid work, I always enjoy the experience of using Fuji’s hybrid VF system. It has all of the advantages of a rangefinder, but with modern AF and image playback. 

While I enjoyed my short time with the X100F, I think an X-T20 with an XF 23mm F2 WR would be a better fit for my shooting style. If you love the handling and hybrid viewfinder though, the X100F is one of the best street and travel photography cameras out there.

While neither of the new Fuji announcements bring any revolutionary features to the table, these are cleverly thought out upgrades to already well-designed cameras. I can’t wait until they start shipping!

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