Fujifilm Instax with Liz & Rex

  By Liz Graham

Alright, so the last time you heard from us, Rex and I were pawing over the best photo book ever made; The Cat Photographer (seriously, guys, check it out). This time, we’re here to discuss the super cool Fuji Instax lineup. Cameras, printers, and film. You name it, we love it (and probably own it).

Liz: So the first product I wanted to talk about is the Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. It is small, stylish, sleek, and just like the name suggests, classic. This camera was modelled after the vintage range finder cameras. Of course, it just resembles a range finder, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to use. With a boatload of settings, this camera definitely takes you beyond a basic point-and-shoot style camera. Unlike the Mini 8 or the Mini 70 series, the Neo gives you advanced setting modes such as Bulb Exposure, and my personal favourite: Double Exposure. Depending who you talk to, the only thing lacking is the “selfie” assist feature the Mini 70 provides (a convenient little mirror located on the front of the camera next to the lens).

Rex: This camera thing and I have a lot in common… I’m also small, stylish, and sleek. It’s pretty easy to meow-ve and push off the shelf when it’s in my spot. Food Lady doesn’t seem to like that too much, though. I’m hungry.

Liz: Yes, the camera is lightweight, which is nice. It’s pretty much cat-proof. It’s taken a number of tumbles and still works and looks like it’s brand new… Plus there is nothing for Rex to chew on which is a major bonus.

Rex: * chews on phone cable *

Liz: One of my favourite products from the Instax lineup is the wireless Instax Share printer. It isn’t always convenient to travel with a camera let alone a camera and boxes on boxes of film. So more often than I care to admit, I do without. I know we’re all guilty of this, so don’t judge me, but I use my phone for a lot of “on the go” photography. Walking to work, out for a night with friends, or even just while I’m out doing errands I am notorious for stopping to snap a photo of something I see. The printer is awesome because every now and then, I have a photo on my phone of something I wish I had on film instead, but with the printer and the free “instax SHARE” app, I can print wirelessly from my phone onto the mini film!! (Do I sound like an advertisement yet?) This printer is seriously cool, and I am SO happy Fuji came out with it. With apps like Instagram and VSCO, I can choose my favourite photos (edited or not) and print them to keep forever.

Rex: Food Lady is CRAZY! This thing is scary! I’ll be dreaming about treats and food, and that thing comes to life! I hate it. Things pop out of the top of it when Food Lady isn’t even near it… I don’t understand it! I wish treats came out of it instead…

Liz: Finally, the Instax film. For a very long time, Fuji only had their basic white frame film which was great – with a sharpie and a little imagination, I could draw whatever I wanted on it. I could write the date, or just a silly phrase. Then they released the Rainbow film which is pretty cool. Every frame is a different colour gradient fading from green to yellow, to orange for example. Now, at long last, Fuji has released a small lineup of fun frames. Ranging from fun to cute, there is definitely a frame design for everyone. My personal favourite being the Shiny Star film which features (you guessed it) shiny stars, AND a soft gradient of colour similar to the Rainbow film.

Rex: Treats now?