From Perspectives YYC: You Are A Tourist and Music Visualization

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Image by Philip David for the You Are A Tourist exhibition.

Perspectives YYC is hosting two collaborative shows as part of Exposure this year.

You Are A Tourist features Cary Schatz, JC Yepes, Philip David, and Brandynn Leigh at Vintage Caffeine Company in West Hillhurst. This show highlights the intersection between the documentary street photographer, and the travellers and tourists as they explore and observe places.

The exhibition is open from February 1-28, with a gala on Saturday, February 9th from 1-3PM.

Music Visualization – The Art of Concert Photography is another self-explanatory collaborative show, with eight different artists involved: Jarrett Edmund, Brandynn Leigh, Joshua Platt, Keeghan Rouleau, Allison Seto, Brian Snell, Elizabeth Summerley, and David Youn. Located at the Phil & Sebastian’s Coffee Shop in Mission, this exhibiltion also runs from February 1-28, with an opening gala with artists in attendance on February 9th from 7-10PM.

These events are part of Exposure, Alberta’s Photography Festival and are eligible for the Stamp Card draw. Fill a card with six stamps from six different exhibits, and then drop it off at Festival HQ or The Camera Store for your chance to win a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera kit. More events and exhibitions can be found on Exposure’s website.

Image by JC Yepes for the You Are A Tourist exhibition.


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