Five Tips for Photographing the Autumn Night Sky

  By Monika Deviat


Fall is approaching and the nights are becoming longer in the Canadian Rockies. The Milky Way core is still visible as soon as the sky becomes dark but is already setting and will be below the horizon within a short time. In November, the core will not be visible to us at night. Notable autumn constellations are best observed starting in late September. With the longer nights comes more opportunity to work on star trails. Here a few tips from local photographer Monika Deviat on how to prepare for your trip out for starry skies in the mountains.

1. Be prepared. Have many clothing layers with you, water, food, emergency gear suitable for the trip, etc.

2. Do your research. Scout locations, use apps to figure out when the Milky Way or certain constellations line up with potential foreground options, know the routes and area, etc.

3. If you are getting in and out of your vehicle for multiple locations, make sure your camera returns to your bag to keep it from temperature jumps which may cause moisture to build up and fogging.

4. Take a study tripod and use a remote or timer to trigger your camera.

5. Hand warmers and toe warmers can save you and your batteries. Toss them in your gloves and shoes, and you can also stick some on your camera to keep your batteries running longer.

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Monika began her photography career as a concert photographer. Focusing mainly on heavy metal bands, she has had the opportunity to photograph many of her favorite bands over the years and travel to many festivals across North America and even in international waters on the world's largest heavy metal cruise. Her concert photos have been featured at, Pitch Black Magazine, Calgary Herald, Beatroute AB,, SMN Magazine and Terrorizer Magazine. While Monika still enjoys photographing concerts, her portfolio has expanded to include a few new passions including night photography and landscape photography. Alberta provides a variety of landscapes which Monika enjoys exploring and roaming around at night and sometimes during the day. As well as being a photographer Monika works as a physicist by day and is a fitness enthusiast who spends a lot of time hanging off aerial equipment or hiking up mountains.