Fiilex P180E First Impressions

  By Jordan Drake


For the last year, I’ve been extensively using Fiilex’s P360 lights for TCSTV episodes and loving them. After using a number of panel-style LEDs, it was a treat to be able to work with extremely modifiable light again. I was anxiously awaiting for new lights from Fiilex, to complement the P360s that have become my primary workhorse fixtures.

What I wasn’t anticipating was the launch of the P180E, a light fixture with a similar style to the P360, but much smaller, lighter, and completely weather sealed! What’s great is that the P180 has maintained the colour adjustable focused light from the P360. I love the look of a fresnel light in the rain, especially at night, but it’s a huge risk with halogen and HMI lights. To test Fiilex’s claims, we set up a slow-motion shoot while we dumped litres of water on the P180E, and it kept shining right through the deluge. You can see the footage in the embedded video.

The P180 looks to be an extremely useful light, and I can’t wait for a TCSTV night shoot where we can put it to good use. I’m still waiting for a higher output Fiilex fixture, but for the time being I’m very excited by the cinematic possibilities the P180E will allow.

Click here to order the Fiilex P180E from The Camera Store.