Exposing for Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

  By David Mitchell

I just got back from a week of wildlife photography in Yellowstone National Park. The opportunities for seeing and photographing wildlife are really quite great. Virtually everyone who spots wildlife in Yellowstone tries to take a picture, and the types of cameras used range from cell phones to high-end DSLRs and everything in between. For most encounters with wildlife, each possible camera had no difficulty in determining the proper exposure. However, there were a few occasions where every camera was fooled.

One morning there was a skiff of snow across many of the high open areas. I, and several other photo buffs, found a coyote near the roadside in one of these snow-filled areas. I knew from past experience that my camera was going to be blinded somewhat by all the snow surrounding my subject, so I used my exposure compensation button to compensate. Sure enough, my subject ended up being exposed perfectly. However, I could distinctly hear some muffled comments from several other photographers about how their cameras were not working properly. Rather than giving an impromptu class to total strangers at 7,500 feet in YNP about exposure compensation, I am letting you know that I will cover this subject in my next Wildlife Photography Seminar on June 25th, 2016. Click here for more info.