Experience the Photographic Alchemist Workshop in Leran, France

  By Evelyn Drake

Introducing The Photographic Alchemist Workshop with Dianne Bos & Sarah Fuller 


WHERE: Léran, Occitanie, France

This workshop will introduce participants to the magic of early photographic devices and processes such as the camera obscura, pinhole camera, photograms, cyanotypes and anthotypes.  The workshop takes place in the small village of Leran, in the foothills of the Pyrénées. The  Occitan region of France, renowned for its turbulent Cathar history, and with its many historic castles and villages, is bound to be inspirational for magical photo making.  Step back in time in both location and technology.

In this day and age with the immediacy of digital image capture, meditating on – and experimenting with – the transformative properties of traditional chemical processes can offer alternate experiences of time and place.

Bos and Fuller conceptualize the photograph as not just a two dimensional window to the world, but rather as a process of creation that begins with camera construction, continues through to the materiality of the photographic object, and draws upon layers of art history, time and the uniqueness of the site, to reveal deeper understandings of place and experience.

The workshop size has been limited to provide individual attention and is geared to your experience level with photography.

For more information on our individual work please see our website links. Bos and Fuller have collaborated on many projects in the past.Their collaborations explore art, science, landscape, time and space—big concepts!—but approached with a sense of humour.

For an application form and detailed course outline please email us at unusualstudies@gmail.com .

Deadline for registration January 15, 2018 but due to limited spaces please contact us ASAP if you are interested.

Once we receive your application we will get in touch with you to confirm your acceptance into the programme. 

Click here for workshop pricing and more info. 


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