Environmental Portraiture and The Human Connection

  By Kelly Mandeville


On Thursday, April 23rd, Jeremy Fokkens will be hosting Environmental Portraiture and The Human Connection. During this interactive seminar, Jeremy will share his process on taking your portrait and travel photography to a whole new level. Visiting a contrast of culture through Bangladesh, Nepal, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, Jeremy’s photographs will open your eyes to a world that is overlooked.

Jeremy will discuss finding your voice as a photographer, the importance of moral photography, leaving a lasting impression through each encounter, and will get you excited and inspired to photograph your own journeys, adventures, and the people you meet along the way.

About Jeremy Fokkens

Jeremy Fokkens is a Calgary-based professional photographer who specializes in portrait and dance photography. Initially trained as a classical dancer, Jeremy taught himself photography while dancing overseas, and now travels extensively to both developed and developing countries.

Inspiring viewers on a social and personal level while telling visual stories from all walks of life, Jeremy’s work has been honored by Nikon, TEDx Dhaka, Invisible Photographer Asia, and has been a finalist for the Black & White Spider Awards and for International Travel Photographer of the year in both 2011 & 2012. His photographs have been featured in both group and solo exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States.


In 2014, Jeremy published “The Human Connection: Photographs & Stories from Bangaladesh & Nepal.” Signed copies will be available for purchase at the seminar.