DPReview Comes to an End

  By Evelyn Drake

announced that its digital platform will be closing soon. Their website will remain active until April 10th, with new editorial content being posted until then. The team has committed to delivering their best material to ensure they go out with a bang.

If you have uploaded photos or text to the site, you can request a download of the data before their April 6th deadline. A form is available to help you delete your DPReview account, acquire a copy of your data or both. Click here for the form. 

Meanwhile, the DPReview TV Youtube channel, helmed by personalities Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake (former staff & Youtube hosts from The Camera Store), also revealed that they would be providing new videos via DPreviewTV until April 10th. After that, they will be making more Youtube videos together for Petapixel.


Evelyn Drake has been in the camera business since 2004. She has been involved in every aspect of The Camera Store's operations with a focus on marketing and event-based initiatives. She also hosts our YouTube channel The Camera Store TV.