Chris Pepper

Chris Pepper has always been a shutter bug, from the time he turned 13 years old. Having a father interested in creative photography during the film years sparked an interest at a young age for Chris. Digging through his dad’s bag of lenses and special filters gave him the opportunity to take more than just a regular photograph. Due to the high cost of film and developing Chris was told “If you can’t learn to take better pictures you’ll be paying for it on your own”. Realizing immediately money doesn’t grow on trees (contrary to popular belief), he started to devote more time to perfecting his craft and increased his technical abilities quickly.

Today Chris can be found instructing clients of all skill levels on the very same principles he learned many years ago, and also on the new technical advancements brought on by the digital world. Chris’ friendly approach makes everyone feel at ease and he has helped many people in developing their desired skills in all areas of photography. Never limiting himself to one style of photography allows him to teach clients a variety of techniques in any scene provided. Chris can also be found leading workshops for himself and North of 49 Photography globally and all over Canada. Even while shooting in hard to reach locations and extreme weather conditions, Chris is in his element, the great outdoors. When Chris is not leading workshops he can be found providing clients with one on one lessons.

Chris is a Panasonic Lumix Storyteller and Product Manager for Raymaster Filters in Canada. His work has recently been published in Outdoor Photography Magazine.