Chris Giles Pentax 645z Review: “The Journey”

  By Evelyn Drake

“Welcome to my personal review of the Pentax 645Z. There are many posts and even though they will undoubtedly cross over in places with regards their content, I’ve tried to focus on certain aspects with each page.

I’ve also made over 100 Uncompressed DNG files available on Part 7. There is a small charge to download these files as they total over 5GB and I’ve had to pay to host them.




Part 1 – The Journey
Part 2 – Image Quality
Part 3 – Lens options and CCD vs CMOS
Part 4 – Ergonomics and weight
Part 5 – Flash System
Part 6 – Conclusion
Part 7 – 100+ Uncompressed DNG’s to download

Firstly, why I bought the Pentax 645z and the journey I took to get to this point.

At the time of writing my current DSLR and MF Camera experience has mainly consisted of using:

The Canon 40D, 7D, 5D I, II and III, the Canon 1Ds3, the 1DIV and the 1DX.
The Mamiya RZ67 ProIID (Film), the Mamiya 645DF+ (Film and Digital using the Phase P25 back).
All three Sigma DP Merill cameras (worth a go as they excellent value for money).
The Hasselblad H1 with film and a Leaf Aptus 22 back, the H3DII 39 and finally the H4D50.

I will concede that any opinions I have are limited to my experience with these cameras. I have never used technical cams or the latest CCD and CMOS offerings from Phase One or Hasselblad.”

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Evelyn Drake has been in the camera business since 2004. She has been involved in every aspect of The Camera Store's operations with a focus on marketing and event-based initiatives. She also hosts our YouTube channel The Camera Store TV.