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DIY Macro Polarized Crystals

 By Ryley Smith


If you’re looking for another photographic project, DP Review’s latest Youtube video with renowned photographer, Don Komarechka, should be next on your list. If you know who Don is, you’ll already know that this is a macro project, but shaking things up, this is abstract photos with polarized crystals! With just a few household items, some patience, and a steady hand, you can take beautiful, colourful, abstract images all from the comfort of home! Then, once our world is healthy again, we will have Don back in Calgary to teach some more amazing macro workshops in person!

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Best Kids Camera for Under $100

 By Evelyn Drake

If your kids are interested in photography but you don’t want to hand over your own camera or smartphone, the Nikon Coolpix W100 is the perfect kid’s camera available at The Camera Store.

Our in-stock refurbished Nikon Coolpix W100 cameras are only $89 (with free shipping or curbside pick-up). This camera is rugged, waterproof and built with kids in mind with large easy to press buttons, and a  fun easy to use menu system. I love that my preschooler can roam freely snapping photos and videos around the house, and in the backyard. 

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Free Online Canon Creator Lab Workshop with Irene Rudnyk

 By Evelyn Drake


Join us on Wednesday, April 8th for an online Socality x Canon Creator Lab workshop with instruction from portrait photographer and YouTuber Irene Rudnyk (@irenerudnykphoto) as she teaches the second of two online workshops around the subject of creating depth and feeling in your photography (Session I) and editing (Session II).

Link to Register. 

This second session will cover themes including:

  • Creating a Medium Format crop effect

  • Tools for modifying and enhancing your background blur in post-production

  • Editing your subject and background to increase the depth

  • Tips and tricks for using Dodge and Burn

  • Q&A

This workshop will include a combination of teaching from Irene and the Q&A portion.

About Irene:

Irene is a portraiture photographer inspired by feminine beauty. She works to capture the woman in front of her camera in a more creative, romantic manner, putting a lot of thought into the environment and details of the photo to create a visually pleasing and feminine version of the finished product. Irene enjoys helping other photographers with tutorials, behind the scenes, and DIY videos.

To see more of Irene’s work, you can find her on 500px, Instagram, and Youtube.

Link to Register. 

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