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Real Photography: Five New Books

 By John Veldhoen


Talking with photographers reveals much, and it is a privileged position I have to be able to do so. One of the most illuminating discussions I have had is with the great Terry Munro about his time under instruction with Henry Wessel in California. 

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Canon G7Xlll Live Streaming Overview

 By Drew Crawford


For anyone who is interested in live video, the Canon G7X mark III presented a very tantalizing feature in its release; the ability to live stream direct from the camera to your own Youtube and Facebook pages. Something never before seen in a standard point and shoot camera.

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Sigma E-Mount Lens Review

 By Evelyn Drake

Sigma has been on a roll producing high-quality lenses in a variety of mounts including Canon, Nikon, Sony and the new L-Mount alliance with Panasonic and Leica. They have changed the perception of third party lenses from purely being a value brand to a premium alternative by creating glass that is precise, sharp, well-built and backed by a 7-year Canadian warranty. On the other hand, they are sometimes criticized for being larger and bulkier than native mirrorless lenses. For example, Sony is also creating incredible glass that is not only praised for sharpness, durability, and compactness but also autofocus performance. A critical factor for Sony in particular since they have developed a high-tech Real-Time Tracking Autofocus system that requires lenses that can keep up. 

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Brand new from Fujifilm: Instax Mini LiPlay Hybrid Camera

 By Ryley Smith


Live life and Play with this amazing new and improved Instax mini LiPlay! Fun right? Live life and Play, LiPlay? It’s where the joy of instant print meets sweet new digital technology. Now you can have an instant camera and smartphone printer all in one! With awesome new features such as a display screen, Bluetooth compatibility and voice playback QR codes, this mini packs a lot of punch.

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Nikon D850 Vs. Z7

 By Evelyn Drake

Here are a few things to consider when deciding between the Nikon D850 and Nikon Z7 cameras.

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TCSTV: Hits & Misses of 2018

 By Kaitlyn Kerr


Dave and Ev had a look at the past year in camera gear, and in between throwing axes and building campfires, took some time to break down some of their hits and misses in the camera world in 2018.

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Product Review: The Loupedeck

 By Danny Luong


The Loupedeck is a product that at first glance I did not want to like. It looks cheap and the price tag is higher than expected. And, to be honest, once I had the deck in my hands, I was still against the product. It feels cheap – plastick-y and like a toy. Cost cutting from every angle before a product gets to the consumer plagues camera accessories.

In a straight-up comparison at its $250+ price point, the Loupedeck loses in so many different ways. Compared to a mechanical keyboard at that price point, the deck has very little tactile feedback, and the keys feel like chicklets – something I experienced while editing; sometimes I was sure I pressed a key, but it still did nothing. Compared to an audio deck the knobs and dials feel awful. Made of cheap molded plastic there was nothing about the product that ever felt ‘premium.’

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