Category: Product Reviews

TCSTV: Hits & Misses of 2018

 By Kaitlyn Kerr


Dave and Ev had a look at the past year in camera gear, and in between throwing axes and building campfires, took some time to break down some of their hits and misses in the camera world in 2018.

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Sometimes, you just need to enjoy the moment…

 By Kieren Britton

Have you ever travelled somewhere so enchanting that you completely forgot to take photos? You’re so lost in the moment that your mind is just in awe with the right now?

That’s how my recent trip to Bali felt. I felt like I was completely immersed in every moment. Yet, I still came home with so many captured memories.

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Product Review: The Loupedeck

 By Danny Luong


The Loupedeck is a product that at first glance I did not want to like. It looks cheap and the price tag is higher than expected. And, to be honest, once I had the deck in my hands, I was still against the product. It feels cheap – plastick-y and like a toy. Cost cutting from every angle before a product gets to the consumer plagues camera accessories.

In a straight-up comparison at its $250+ price point, the Loupedeck loses in so many different ways. Compared to a mechanical keyboard at that price point, the deck has very little tactile feedback, and the keys feel like chicklets – something I experienced while editing; sometimes I was sure I pressed a key, but it still did nothing. Compared to an audio deck the knobs and dials feel awful. Made of cheap molded plastic there was nothing about the product that ever felt ‘premium.’

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