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How to Prepare for Milky Way Photography Season

 By Monika Deviat


Although I do night photography throughout the entire year, there are a few months of the year where the Milky Way core disappears below the horizon for all hours of darkness. Here in Southern Alberta, the start of March marks the start of Milky Way season, but it is brief. The core is only above the horizon for a short time before dawn. Spring is my favourite time to shoot the galaxy, and the core disappears again in November.

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Salon Series: George Webber on Vivian Maier

 By Ryley Smith

The mysterious and ever-infatuating Vivian Maier brought back to life through stories by renowned Calgary photographer George Webber. Spend an intimate evening discussing the photographic endeavours of Vivian Maier, including a little-known story about the time Maier took a photograph here in Calgary. 

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The Importance of Digital Asset Management

 By Todd Korol


Digital assets are the photographer’s most valuable resource. As your portfolio continues to grow, you need to be able to find, process, caption and store your images. This requires having a system in place to organize your digital files.

There is nothing worse for a photographer when they cannot find an image. Or when a simple hard drive goes down and thousands of images can be lost. This wastes your time trying to find images if you can and could cost the working photographer money.

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