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Sunrise Light Explained

 By Mark Unrau

For landscape photography, one of the most beautiful times to get out and take pictures is during a sunrise. This article will explain the different qualities of sunrise light in Banff using Moraine Lake as an example.

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Photography Bag Choices

 By PeterGold

Whenever I’m on a photography assignment out of the studio, especially since we’re located in Bragg Creek, I always pack duplicate equipment just in case something malfunctions, I have a backup on hand. It saves driving back to the studio to pick it up. I also want to take everything with me on a vacation.

Before we discuss camera bag options, if you are looking for the right bag solution, you should pull out everything that you plan to take with you. Divide it into different piles; equipment you definitely always need access to, like camera bodies, your favorite lenses, meters, etc.

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BTS of Stop Motion Sony Teaser Video with Salman Sajun Studio

 By Evelyn Drake

 Salman Sajun based in Montreal Quebec, is a director that specializes in bringing the inanimate to life. Through a blend of stop motion and live action, he has created content for high-profile clients including Google and Nickelodeon. We are honoured to have had the opportunity to work with the Salman Sajun Studio team to produce a quick teaser video for SONY to help generate some traction and awareness about Sony’s Trade In – Trade Up Promo. 

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The Importance of Music Licensing

 By tcs_admin

Music licensing commonly refers to ‘royalty free music‘ or ‘production music’. This is music that has been written and produced with the sole purpose of being used in another project. Anyone can then license this music for a fee, to use in their project.

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Wooden Niccolls: Recreating A Scene From Collateral With the Fuji X-H1

 By Jordan Drake

When we started the TCSTV YouTube channel 8 years ago, I had no idea that one of the major perks of the job would become working alongside artists I hugely respect. Despite having made only three episodes so far, our Wooden Niccolls series has become my favourite thing we shoot. It allows Chris and I to combine our mutual love of movies with a great camera test while working with incredible industry professionals. Last year we shot a scene from Goodfellas with Nick Thomas, which was a ton of fun, but we’ve taken it to a whole new level this year thanks to amazing work from not only the Calgary filmmaking scene, but international support from Company 3, Method Studios and Fujinon US.

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