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April Snow and a Whole Whack of Robins!

 By MikeDrew

I hadn’t really planned on coming out this way. Three hours before I’d been heading down to the Bow River at Policeman’s Flats to check out the blue heron nesting colony and look for any interesting ducks.

But as I got to the southern edge of the city, I looked off to the west. There was a lot of fresh snow over there so kept going south for a better look. The high country was blanketed from the mountain peaks to the foothills and it looked like more snow was about to fall.

See ya later, herons. I headed west.

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Wind Worn: Keho Lake can be beautiful, but it depends on the day.

 By MikeDrew

The colour in the ice piled along the shores of Keho Lake was crazy.

Deep blues, turquoises, slivers of silver that sparkled with prismatic rainbows as the shards clattered and tinkled on the banks. I was there with my old friend Stu and we could have spent the entire day taking pictures there. But my impatience made us move on.

I know I’d be back, though, and soon. It was too lovely to waste.

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Iconic Destinations Yield Bonus Images

 By tcs_admin

I love travelling and photographing far away places. As a digital journalist I’m always trying to “capture the moment” in new and unique ways, especially when it involves the culture and daily life of the people I meet along the way.

What I’m not so passionate about is focusing my time and creative energy on the so-called “major attractions” that inevitably wind up as the heart of most tourist itineraries, those “must see” destinations that are promoted in every travel brochure.

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Nguni Runner

 By Jessekiah Jost

I’m a local creative. Producing content for print, motion graphics and video work. Recently I was lucky enough to be project lead (shooter/editor “shredditor”) on an adventure documentary with a shoe string budget.

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J and K Button Co.

 By MarkVitaris

In this portfolio I examine the emblematic unmaking of America. Mindful of the ephemeral nature of all things, my photographs encompass the Japanese concept of mono no aware, literally “the pathos of things”, a heightened appreciation of their beauty and a gentle sadness at their passing.

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Photographer Feature: Robert Postma

 By RobertPostma

The year was 2003 when I sold my first image and there has been no turning back. It is not the money I make from my photography that keeps me going, it is being in places around the world seeing natural wonders that others have not or cannot experience. My goal is to inspire others through photography and instill that deep affection for nature with them.

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 By MikeDrew

The latest chinook has blown away the snow and polished up the ice at a beaver pond that I know up in Kananaskis Country. So I strapped on my crampons and wandered out on the frozen surface to have a look. There were all kinds of cool things both in and on the ice.

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An Eagle Story

 By MikeDrew

This guy was different. He just looked over his shoulder, seemed to shrug, then ignored me. I took a couple of shots, and then decided to edge closer. That worked so I edged closer again. And, then suddenly I was right across the road from him, so close that I didn’t need the full power of my Sigma 150-600 C zoom to get a picture. He barely acknowledged my presence.

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Reflections on Photographing Syrian Refugees in Calgary

 By Leah Hennel

I found myself wondering how I would’ve handled the same situation, fleeing my homeland with nothing but the clothes on my back, and worrying about my loved ones. My first meeting with the newcomers took place a year ago when they arrived at the Calgary International Airport.

A couple of things struck me on that December night. For instance, the number of locals that were present to warmly greet the Refugees surprised me. There were “Welcome To Canada” signs, bags of winter clothing, and toys for the kids, and plenty of smiles for everyone. Some of the refugees even had family members, already established in Calgary, on hand to welcome them, hugging and crying.

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Winter Photography in Alberta is Awesome

 By Gavin Hardcastle

While I love spring, summer and autumn, my true heart can’t wait for winter to come. I absolutely LOVE winter landscape photography in the Canadian Rockies.

Let me explain why with three simple points:
1 – Ice
2 – Snow
3 – Low Light

Obviously there’s a but more to it than just these three things, but I think it’s fair to say that there’s no time of the year more spectacularly gorgeous than winter when it comes to the Canadian Rockies. Let me go into more detail.

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