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Photography: a Solitary or Group experience?

 By Dave Chidley


I recently read a Social Media post that read:

Solitude and photography
Often go hand in hand.

I’ve been pondering the statement and find it a bit perplexing.  Yes, of course we are the lone masters of the viewfinder, we singlehandedly (usually) decide what to include and what to leave out. So very often, the photographic image is created and then quickly shared. Be it on the back of the camera, tethered to a monitor, published, posted to social media or a website, our images are viewed at daunting levels of frequency and speed. Very little happens in a vacuum these days!

We create alone and then share with the world.

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Mind the Gap

 By John Veldhoen

A great photography teacher once told me that they viewed photography as essentially a mental-health exercise, perhaps akin to meditation.  Or, to put it like another photographer has famously said, “photography just gets us out of the house.” Yet, recently, I had a discussion with a street photographer who lamented how the discourse concerning photographs has made it seem more and more like photographs are viewed like illustrations to concepts. I had to agree. But why should photographs as illustrations of concepts be a problem after all? Should I judge the soundness of a body of work containing a 24-page bibliography, appended with 85 abject, muddy-looking plates? Why do I feel the need to judge?

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DSLR Dinosaurs

 By Danny Luong

There is a sort of metaphoric beauty to shooting images that rely on the use of a mirror. Looking through mirrors and creating an image using that vision is one of the most compelling reasons to hold on to and keep shooting with a DSLR. It is the major defining feature separates a DSLR and a mirrorless camera. With the industry moving full speed towards mirrorless full-frame cameras, the question that has been popping into my mind is, ‘Do mirrors matter? Will they matter? Will we yearn for the days where our cameras were built with mirrors inside of them?’ Or will we look back at DSLR cameras with disgust at a platform that contained far too many moving parts?

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The Importance of Digital Asset Management

 By Todd Korol


Digital assets are the photographer’s most valuable resource. As your portfolio continues to grow, you need to be able to find, process, caption, and store your images. This requires having a system in place to organize your digital files.

There is nothing worse for a photographer when they cannot find an image. Or when a simple hard drive goes down and thousands of images can be lost. This wastes your time trying to find images, if you can and could cost the working photographer money.

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“Go Away” and Take Good Photos

 By Dave Chidley

I’ve always marveled at how aspiring photographers create their most creative images when they travel.  I really don’t see it as a big mystery, but a fun observation, that begs the question why? As well, to ask, why don’t we do that at home too?

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