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Last Minute Gift Ideas

 By Evelyn Drake


Looking for some fun affordable last minute Christmas gift ideas for the photographer on your list?

Here are 10 unique ideas for some last-minute Christmas gifts:  

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Notable Books 2018

 By John Veldhoen


When I have written a list of the notable books that have come to us at The Camera Store, some part of me is always tempted to make a splenetic declaration, a remonstrance against simplifying, and paring down, and uncomplicating what to me is nuanced beyond measure. So, no list form, more than ten books, internet unfriendly, but, if you come by and see me, I promise to smile broadly, and share whatever I know with you, and help you find the perfect book for Christmas, or for whatever other reason you may be looking for a book of photographs.

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Sometimes, you just need to enjoy the moment…

 By Kieren Britton

Have you ever travelled somewhere so enchanting that you completely forgot to take photos? You’re so lost in the moment that your mind is just in awe with the right now?

That’s how my recent trip to Bali felt. I felt like I was completely immersed in every moment. Yet, I still came home with so many captured memories.

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Photography: a Solitary or Group experience?

 By Dave Chidley


I recently read a Social Media post that read:

Solitude and photography
Often go hand in hand.

I’ve been pondering the statement and find it a bit perplexing.  Yes, of course we are the lone masters of the viewfinder, we singlehandedly (usually) decide what to include and what to leave out. So very often, the photographic image is created and then quickly shared. Be it on the back of the camera, tethered to a monitor, published, posted to social media or a website, our images are viewed at daunting levels of frequency and speed. Very little happens in a vacuum these days!

We create alone and then share with the world.

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