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Filters for Landscape Photography

 By Mark Unrau

It is true there may be many filters that are no longer necessary with the advent of digital photography, and the array of digital filters that come along with it, but there are still a few filters that no computer can replicate. In this post, I will go through the set of filters that I bring with me every time I go out to shoot landscapes in Banff National Park, listed in order of importance to me:

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Don’t Waste Your Precious Landscape Photography Time in Banff National Park

 By Brian Merry

Banff and the Canadian Rockies are known around the World for the many Famous landscape photography locations here.  Think about Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Vermillion Lakes and Mount Rundle.  And, I haven’t even mentioned the night sky and the Aurora yet.  The landscape photography possibilities in the Canadian Rockies are seemly endless.  But, what isn’t endless is the amount of time that you have to spend here photographing them.

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The Many Uses of The Studio Clamp

 By PeterGold

Photographers, more than any other profession, have to MacGyver stuff all the time. We use light to create lasting memories. Unfortunately, light isn’t always where we want it. So we have to first, create reflectors, lighting props, brackets, stands, etc. Once the light is where we want it to be and of the right quality, then we can proceed to create history.

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Creator Feature: Salman Sajun Studio

 By Evelyn Drake

An illusionist, conjurer and artist, Salman Sajun, based in Montreal Quebec is a director that specializes in bringing the inanimate to life. Through a blend of stop motion and live action, he has created content for high-profile clients including Google and Nickelodeon. With a true artistic passion and an eye for perfection, his work evokes the nostalgia of childhood, when imagination could bring toys to life. 

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Shooting the TCSTV Sony A7R III Field Test

 By Jordan Drake

It’s always a treat when Chris and I each get a copy of a new camera when we shoot an episode, so not only can Chris take photos and video, but I can film the entire episode on the camera in question. That was the case when we went to Sedona for our A7R III field test. You can find out Chris’ thoughts on the A7R III in the embedded video, but I wanted to give my impressions using the camera the way I do every week, shooting our show.

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