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Aby Warburg’s Lost Atlas of Memory

 By John Veldhoen


Let me tell you a story: In 1910 there was a historian named Aby Warburg. He described himself as a “Hamburger at heart, Jew by blood, Florentine in spirit”; He collected an art legacy, assembling thousands of years of human history in photographs, and on postcards produced from throughout Europe. He combined these images on panel boards, looking to devise a way to see how images bleed past eras, and into each other as works of creation. 

He worked to shape a system to observe the themes in art, and how they function psychologically. In essence, an object lives on in culture, it seems to have an afterlife. It continues to speak well after it has disappeared from immediate view. 

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Transparencies: Steven Shore’s Early Camera Work

 By John Veldhoen


On July 22nd MACK Books will present an exclusive and in-depth conversation between Stephen Shore and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) curator Britt Salvesen discussing Shore’s photographic work in the new book “Transparencies: Small Camera Works: 1971-1979”.

Stephen Shore and Britt Salvesen in conversation will be on July 22nd, at 4:00 PM MDT/ 7:00 PM EDT! Just tune in to to view! 

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5 Fun Elements To Incorporate Into Your Child Photos This Summer

 By Gina Yeo


Summertime fun is about to begin! I’m incredibly excited about that. Those blustering cold winds and heavy snowfall warnings accompanied by frigid temperatures are becoming a distant memory of our winter’s past. I know I’m ready for days filled with warm sunshine, comfortable temperatures and the joyous feeling that always fills the air throughout the summer months. As a mother and photographer, preserving the summer memories of my children with my camera is more than a passion, it’s an absolute must!

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Photobooks & Large Format Books

 By Todd Korol


I still have the first photography book I ever bought. I remember the time and place where I purchased it. It was a small how-to handbook on using a 35mm camera. It cost $7.99 and was filled with photos and photos of cameras.

That was 30 years ago, my passion for books and photography has never slowed down and today I have a great selection of over 700 titles.

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Interview with Nikon Shooter Jay Gough on Bird Photography

 By Ryley Smith


Spring is finally gracing us with its warmth and fresh air, which opens up more opportunities to photograph outside. Bird Photography is one of the easiest ways to embrace the beautiful weather while still social distancing. I had an e-interview with Nikon rep Jay Gough on how to capture Canadian birds in our own backyards, and let’s just say, you’ll be inspired to shoot by the time you’re done reading! 

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