Capture The Stars With The New Canon EOS Ra

  By Ryley Smith


Theodore Roosevelt said, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.Well, now you can do exactly that! Canon announced their first full-frame mirrorless camera for astrophotography, the new, Canon EOS Ra. Stemming off the EOS R system, with innovative features, this new camera has been perfectly designed for hobbyists and professionals alike to make the most of their astrophotographic dreams. Talk about reaching for the stars! 

Incorporating many advanced features of the EOS R, the new EOS Ra includes an RF mount design, a 30.3MP CMOS sensor, a high-precision electronic viewfinder, high-sensitivity, low-noise performance and 4K time-lapse shooting. More excitingly though, the EOS Ra an enhanced transmission of hydrogen-alpha (Hα) light rays (656.3 nm wavelength) through an infrared cutoff filter, four times that of original EOS R. Now, I know that was a lot of science, so to break that down a bit more, the infrared Hα filter in the EOS Ra helps to capture high-precision images of the deep-red wavelengths emitted by nebulae in vivid colour, without any special camera alterations. Additionally, this camera has a 30x maximum magnification, allowing users to make extremely precise manual focus adjustments, and support for all Canon RF, EF, and EF-S lenses (with the use of an optional EF-EOS R mount adapter). That gives photographers over 70 lenses from the EF and RF series to choose from, including a variety of ultra-wide-angle lenses and super-telephoto EF lenses, to best match differentiating astrophotography goals. 

The EOS Ra will also have optional accessories including an AC adapter kit, which allows the camera to be powered through an AC wall outlet or a battery-powered inverter, a BG-E22 battery grip and three EF-EOS R mount adapters to accommodate the entire range of over seventy EF & EF-S lenses. This exciting new Canon EOS Ra full-frame mirrorless camera is scheduled to be available in December 2019, just in time for the holiday season! 

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