Capture One 21 Version 14.4.0 Is Here

  By Ryley Smith


Capture One 21 update 14.4.0 is here with an improved exporter, new capabilities and new camera support! Based on user feedback, Capture One updated their tethering, improved a few key features, while also making adjustments to enhance overall workflow! To make things better, there is still time to get Capture One 21 now and upgrade to Capture One 22 at no cost with Capture One’s 2-for-1 deal! 

The noteworthy changes in Capture One 21’s 14.4.0 update include Sigma tethering, FujiFilm tethering enhancements, improved Magic Brush adjustments, Catalog collection load-speed improvements up to 500% and a focus on improved Exporter workflow experience. 

In the previous release (14.3.0), Capture One changed the Exporter, redesigning the experience to increase functionality and reduce complexity across varied workflows. This, however, required alterations to the workflows of certain users who preferred and relied upon the original formula. To keep up with user satisfaction, Capture One restored that functionality that customers asked for. 

For more information on Capture One 21 Update 14.4.0, click here!

For more information on Capture One’s 2-for-1 deal, click here!

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